Terms and Conditions

Teefy terms and conditions

1. Teefy agrees to start the work order once the payment is fully earned and as from that date the approximate delivery time shall start to run, as detailed in the price list already sent to the client.

2. Together with the word order, more specifically under the section “specifications of the case”, the client is free to specify numeric values of the design such as: minimum thickness of the restoration, space for cement, peripheral sealant from the margin, etc. In the case that the client does not specify any in the work order, Teefy is entitled to set those values according to the professional criteria of the designer appointed to the case. The minimum thickness established by Teefy is 0.5 mm as a security measure in case of fissures or any breaks in the manufacturing stage (CAM) of the restoration (already designed).

3. In the event of any errors or incidences detected or communicated by the client related to any parameter on the design (e.g. margin lines, insertion axis, occlusal or approximal contacts, spacers, reduction volume, anatomy of the piece, etc.), Teefy shall be effectively responsible for any of the errors mentioned above and shall solve the error within 24 hours after the incidence has been dully communicated.

4.In the event of any errors or incidences related to the integrity of any of the digital files sent by the client (e.g. any defects on 3D meshes, wrong intermaxillary relationships, Scanbodies with no matching to the system of implants being used, etc.), Teefy shall notify the client at the moment of identifying the error. Given the case, the client has the right to:
a) Correct the error mentioned and communicated by Teefy and re-send the digital files once they are corrected.
b) Decide whether Teefy should continue with the design of the restoration or not, omitting the client the correction of the incidence. The client is exclusively responsible for any further inconveniences related to the manufacturing of any designed restoration.

5. Any digital material designed by Teefy can be used for content or advertising purposes in any social media of the company. Identity and privacy rights of both the client and the patient shall be dully respected and taken into consideration on this matter.

6. In the event of receiving any work orders which have not been effectively completed in whole by the client, or which are not related in part or in whole to the files sent (e.g. extraoral photographs sent and attached to an order in which the box “Digital Smile Design”, choosing the “type of reduction” without sending details on the number of restorations requested to the reduction), Teefy shall immediately notify the client about the situation so as the work order can be corrected and, therefore, Teefy will be able to dully continue with it.

7. In the case that we receive incomplete digital files (e.g.: lack of an antagonist arch, or the lack of a mesh at the Scanbody, etc.), Teefy will immediately contact the client to inform about this situation. Once the pending files are sent, we shall continue with the design step.

8. In the case that the client places a work order with a final balance higher than the cost of the services rendered (e.g. the client choses, by mistake, a box of another treatment different from the case to be designed), Teefy shall leave the difference in the amount as credit for any future work order.

9. Teefy holds the admission rights for any case it might deem not feasible on the grounds of both clinical and/or digital aspects. The client shall be, therefore, notified within 24 hs, being the amount paid either reimbursed to the client or left as credit for any future work order.

10. Teefy holds no responsibility whatsoever for any issues or incidences arising from the methods of payment (PayPal, Wise, Usdt), being either done through the platform of payment or by the client.

11. In the case that the client requests for a cancellation on a work order which was already sent and paid, he or she must contact us by e-mail to workflow@teefydigital.com, or by phone to +549 11 7175 7777. Under the condition that the work order has not been started, Teefy shall reimburse the amount to the client or leave the difference in the amount as credit for any future work order.

12. Once you send us your contact info, you are implicitly accepting your subscription to Teefy Dental Solutions´ Newsletter at promotion@teefydigital.com. If you wish you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any moment.