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A digital lab specialized in restorative dentistry and design. Innovative, efficient and totally online.


Digital dentistry solutions

We offer you digital services on design and dental prosthetic restorations. At our digital lab, we are giving you access to a totally online, innovative and efficient method of work.


Innovative, technical and specialized

We can offer you a digital and intuitive methodology, which is meant to guarantee agile solutions.


You send us the intraoral scan of the patient or any plaster cast of the mouth.


Our team receives the samples and analize the case to design any required restorations.


We obtain the final designs which are ready to be printed or milled, and then, used with the patient in the clinical session.

Connected with dental innovation

We are Teefy, a professional team with clinical and technical expertise in the dentistry field. We aim at expanding our services across the borders to offer you a digital and global vision.


We are a digital lab offering 100% digital CAD design for all restorations, from the simplest ones to any complex procedure.

You can start working with us by clicking any “Send a Case” button on this web.

We design any kind of fixed restorations, on both teeth and implants. You can check our restorations list in  the “Services” tab, or by clicking here for more details on what we do and how much it costs.

Our delay times are detailed in the Services list. They oscillate between 24-72hs, depending on the case complexity.

We accept any kind of file exported by your dental scanner (.STL; .OBJ; .PLY; .DXD from CEREC systems, etc.). Also you have the chance to send any file related to your case  (.JPGs of extraoral-intraoral photos, .DICOM of your patient’s CT, facial scans, etc.)

We use the complete variety of dental softwares available in the market.

Once Teefy’s designers have finished your order, you will be notified by phone/mail. The .STLs files will also be sent by the same means of communication.

  1. First, upload the main files of your order (Maxillary.stl, Mandibular.stl), along with any kind of file you think is relevant to the case (pre-op scans, wax up, intraoral-extraoral photos, CBCT, etc). Choose your cloud of preference (WeTransfer, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc).
  2. Send us a mail to with your file’s download link specifying which kind of design you need.

Once you are done sending us the e-mail with all your files, you will receive a notification telling your order has entered the design phase. Teefy will contact you once the designs are finished. Please remember and respect the corresponding delay times.

We will notify you the total amount of your case via e-mail or Whatsapp.

We accept Paypal, Payoneer, Wise and crypto.

Once you know your order’s price, you will be redirected through a link delivered by Teefy’s team (via e-mail)  to the payment methods.

Solutions sans frontiers

100% digital design and dental rehabilitation for your patients.

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